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375, Deschambault Street
Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2H 3B4

Tel: (204) 231-3853

Opening Hours

From 1 July to 3 September:

Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00 pm.

La Maison Gabrielle Roy

Guided Tour Admission Fee :

  • Adult : $8

  • Youth 13 - 18 years of age: $7

  • Under 13 years of age: free

  • Self-guided tour: $6


Mission :


The Maison Gabrielle-Roy offers its community and the public around the world a museum that pays homage to Gabrielle Roy by showcasing her birthplace, promoting her work and encouraging French writing and artistic expression in Manitoba.

Vision :


The Maison Gabrielle-Roy is one of the cornerstones of cultural tourism in Manitoba, allowing the public to discover a heritage site that celebrates the life and work of Gabrielle Roy. The Maison Gabrielle-Roy is also a leader in the promotion of writing and artistic expression in French in Manitoba, and is recognized as a key player in a vibrant and dynamic Francophone community.

Admission Fees

Admission fee for a guided tour:
 Adults: $8
 Youths 13 to 17 years of age: $6
 Children under 13 years of age: free

Admission fee for a self-guided tour:
 Adults: $6
 Youths 13 to 17 years of age: $4
 Children under 13 years of age: free



In 1997, the Maison Gabrielle-Roy Corporation purchased the birth house of the Manitoban author for 

$155,000. The goal was to restore it and open it to the public. After the departure of Mrs. Roy, four owners succeeded each other. These are the Saint-Germains, Émond, Degagné and Uruski. The Corporation had therefore taken over a maintained house, certainly, but modified by its various occupants. In addition, the house had four apartments each with a private entrance. The restoration took two years, at a cost of nearly $650,000. All these efforts culminated in the opening of the house which became a museum in June 2003.


The birthplace of Gabrielle Roy is a very important and recurring symbol in the work of the notorious French-Canadian author. Her books and the descriptions we find in them allow us to mentally recreate the home at the time of Gabrielle Roy. For example, Rue Deschambault, takes place in this house where Gabrielle lived for nearly 28 years. She was born in 1909 and spent all her youth and the first years of her adult life right here in Saint-Boniface.

Our Team:

Board of Directors :

  • Louise Plamondon : President 

  • Serge Balcaen : Vice Président 

  • Jacques Desaulniers : Executive director

  • Anne-Marie Maupertuis : Secretary 

  • Nicolas Lesage : Treasurer

  • Rita Morier : Member

  • Eva Dupont : Member 

  • Jen Bevan : Member

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  • Eva Dupont

  • Nancy Porth

  • Rolande Fontaine

  • Rita Morier

  • Norma Rocan

  • Liette Préjet

  • Monique Gravel

  • Laurent Gimenez

  • Pierre Arpin

  • Albert Plamondon

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Association of Authors of French Manitoba

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La Maison de Colette



On your visit, discover the products of our store. The works of Gabrielle Roy (in English and in French), study books, arts, CEFCO books, stationery and souvenirs.

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