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Ten Words Caravan


Help promote the Francophonie in Manitoba and around the world.
All year 2022

The call for projects for the 2022 Ten Words Caravan is open!

“La Caravane des dix mots“, a cultural project on sharing the French language and the global Francophonie.

For those interested...

(Francophones in Manitoba, school groups, university, Franco-Manitoban organizations, media (radio, TV, written press)


Maison Gabrielle-Roy has been labeled Official Caravanier of the 2022 Ten Words Caravan.

On this occasion, our organization will coordinate activities related to this international Francophonie system: the production of literary works (poetry, slam, stories, songs, etc.) or visual works, writing workshops and poetry/ slam (Just slam, which already exists), productions of video or audio clips.

To learn more about the 2022 Ten Words Caravan:

This Francophonie of peoples is both the death certificate of a certain linguistic colonialism and the beginning of a true recognition of the richness of cultural diversity.

The Caravan of Ten Words is the living testimony of a Francophonie of peoples that is "easy" to implement, participatory, capable of adapting to our times and on all continents. It is the affirmation that language is a vector of links and cultures, but also a game, a challenge… you have to play with words!

NB: Maison Gabrielle-Roy does not receive any special funding to coordinate these events and produce the video clips.

Our partners for the moment are the Alliance Française du Manitoba and the Center culturel franco-manitobain, with whom we organize the Juste Slam evenings and the poetry/slam writing workshops.

We also have the support of the International Festival of Slam Poetry in Acadie.

List of the ten words of the 2022 Caravan:

quirky, divulge, amazed, breathtaking, farce, kaï, dumbfounded, pinch me, saperlipopette, tintamarre

Procedure for participating in the Caravan of Ten Words:

It must be understood that this device is a sharing.

If you write even a short text, we want to record it in video or audio in excellent quality.

You will be invited to come and read it in public during a Juste Slam evening (maximum duration: 3 minutes)

Participate in 2 ways:

- Either by presenting a work before May 27, 2022

- Either by participating regularly, when you feel like it (in the word of the month, writing workshops, Just Slam evenings, or any other initiative launched by our Caravan of Ten Words in Manitoba.


Express your interest by explaining what you want to offer, what will your creation be with the ten words of the 2022 Caravan?

No later than 01-31-2022 at the following address:


In connection with the 10 words: Submit your creation or your original idea, no later than FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2022.

(No work, no creation will be accepted after this date).

Or, on a daily basis, or in connection with the word of the month, you can share all your creations in connection with the word of the month.

Post your written text or in video or audio form, post your drawing, your photo, on the Manitoba Ten Words Caravan FB page (even short when it comes to the word of the month)


All contributors will be honored. All your creations and initiatives will have their place in these two films Caravane dix mots du Manitoba.


Depending on the projects proposed or proposals made by other organizations, the Maison Gabrielle-Roy will list the participants, and will reference all the initiatives born of the ten words = of the 2022 caravan.

The Caravane des dix mots project is shared by artistic teams and cultural actors present on the five continents, known as the Caravaniers.

Since 2003, nearly 100 structures have participated in this linguistic adventure by mobilizing the inhabitants of their territory!

Gathered by a common conception of language as a bridge between citizens and as a tool for meeting cultures, they form a dynamic network, engaged in reflection on the challenges of the Francophonie, the defense and promotion of the richness of cultural and linguistic diversity.

Looking forward to reading or hearing from you on this subject.

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