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School Programs


Elementary students (4th grade and up), high school and university

All year long from Monday to Saturday (please contact us, advance bookings )

School activities can take place in class at your school or at the Maison Gabrielle-Roy.

  • Interactive and historical tour

  • Writing workshops

  • Oral Workshops in French

  • Theater

  • Fun and educational games

Discussed Subjects:


  • Life in St. Boniface around 1916 at the time of Gabrielle Roy's birth (objects, technologies, customs)

  • The technology of yesteryear and today

  • The colonization of the West at the beginning of the 20th century and the colonizing work of Léon Roy, father of Gabrielle

  • Newcomers at the turn of the 20th century and their origins

  • Gabrielle Roy the teacher

  • Gabrielle Roy: storyteller of her life


The activities are interactive, engaging and inspire students to have experiences that allow them to discover Gabrielle Roy.


Gabrielle Roy and her stories made alive by animation, image and play.

Tour telling the stories hidden in the house of our heroine Christine, a little girl from here who realized her dream of writing;

Dynamic and interactive games to know the storyteller Gabrielle, her house and to also tell our stories (the stories of the novel Rue Deschambault, mix of reality and fantasy; the art of telling).


The life  of a French-Canadian family at the turn of the 20th century.

Detailed tour of the house to learn more about Léon and Mélina Roy's family and the way of life in Saint-Boniface in the early 1900s;

Interactive activities involving social studies and oral communication programs (eg, Western colonization, changes over time, and storytelling).


Duration of a tour: 60 to 120 minutes (depending on the availability of the group)

Fee $5 per student


Cost & reservation: Please contact the museum at:

204-231-3853 or by email

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